Garatren / MAXİ


 Garatren / MAXI  Technical Specifications

Garatren / MAXI:The main frame of steel locomotives and wagons for many years using water and shock resistant marine innovation counter remains without deforming.
Garatren / MAXI: Is covered with foam and leatherette seating groups for the convenience of passengers.
Garatren / MAXI:Solid pine panel window frames and accessories, wagon base laminate flooring has been used.
Garatren / MAXI: Silicon LEDs in interior lighting in cars Wagon environment, the speaker is used for music.
Garatren / MAXI: Quiet and safe working conditions thanks to the hotel to work both indoor and outdoor areas, resorts, shopping malls is the ideal tool for profitable investment.
Garatren / MAXI: It is safe, hydraulic disc brakes could do with a sudden stop, stop, fixed in place with the hand brake also inclined to cut off contact with the battery power shutoff switch is also available in an emergency.
Garatren / MAXI: Steam and flame animation, mp3 player, voice recording can be done is remarkable four separate audio recording recorded with .when the button. (The track sounds like the train whistle)


Maximum Speed 8km/h
Sizes (L*W*H) 3000X1150X1900mm
Motor 72v  DC motor
Batteries 12 ad 200a Tracer battery
Battery Charge Automatic
Charge Time 8H
Controller 72V 200A 
Wheels Back  4.50x.10’ - Front 4.0x8’
Wieght 850 kg
Distance(km) 50 km full charge
Coal vagons sizes 2200x1150x1200 mm
Terraces vagons sizes 2200X1150x2200 mm
Wagons weight Coal wagon: 230kg - Terraced wagon : 220kg
Maximum carrying capacity 500kg/ each wagon
wheels 4.00x8'
Travelers 20 children or  14 adult
Turning circle 7,5 mt