Garatren / PANDA 





GARATREN PANDA is one of our special products. Our team are proffesional high Quality FRP body, chassis parts are made of metal constructions. GARATREN PANDA with the electric motor acting on the basis of the concept of the classic train child health harmless, environmentally friendly, long-lasting and robust materials are product using. Silikon around wagons LED interior lighting, for music used for the speaker. Designed for children GARATREN PANDA shopping centers, zoos, parks, such as available of the domains pedestrian areas.Parents of children with a product that is unforgettable good time.

Tecnical Specifications:


Max Speed 8km/h

Motor 48v DC motor

Batery 4ad 40A Jell Gel Traksiyoner Akü

Charge Automatic

Charge Time 8H

Controller 48v 35A

Wheels 4.00*8 - Ön 3.0*4

Weight 175 kg + 5 vagon 420 kg


Distance 50 km Full Charge


5 pcs 1600*970*1300mm

Wagon Weight 50kg*5 250kg

Maximum Capasity 450 kg

Wagon Wheels / 3.50*6

Pessenger / 10 Kids / 5 Adults

Turning Circle 4 mt




Product Specifications:

Body parts and material structure:

These components are manufactured from high quality GRP. Only these parts are not selected with care all materials used for all products. The option is coated with lacquer paint no harm to human health.

Seating area and safety equipment:

Living space dimensions are 49 cm x 30 cm x 45 cm. This is an area which can comfortably sit with a parent of the child. Space available for insertion of legs in a sitting position. Moreover, the security system is provided with a seat belt during movement.

The control panel and drive location:

Button on the control panel lighting, sound control system, mileage clock display, a charge status indicator and horn elements. All drives are designed for use in an ergonomic way.

Charger and power supply equipment:

Thanks to the power supply rectifier can provide approximately 10 hours of continuous service serves ideal occupancy rate.


2.0 kW DC electric motor located on the tractor. Long life with zero harm to the environment works with these powerful and quiet engine maintenance-free battery. Solution that offers the service under warranty, the manufacturer within 24 hours if you opt out of warranty (2 years) original spare parts in general strives to offer the necessary parts of the country economically.


There are 2 lighting system on our toy. These navigation lights in the pedestrian area with transplantation takes place in entertainment mode is used when lighting system and LED lighting system that provides visual contribution.

Sound system:

Wagons are available in all independent speaker system. Thanks to this system provided by the control drive advertising jingle, custom designed promotional purposes music or playlist you choose allows you to broadcast audio level you see fit.

Wagon fittings:

Easy attachment system of interconnected security Wagon offers together in silence and speed to the user. Standard 5-car system so that the number of cars up to 10 removable (See Request Form Options Table).


The chassis is made of strong iron material is made by welding the junction points. After the paint is baked and systems designed to move in balance.

Why is that Garatren / PANDA


Garatren Panda % 100 yerli üründür! Garatren Panda genç girişimcilerimizin ülkesine kazandırdığı lisanslı bir üründür.

Garatren Panda Where executable?


Shopping malls, parks, gardens, festival sites, campuses, hotels, municipalities, large-scale nurseries in short, you will see our kids having fun with where you would imagine there Garatr Panda.

Garatren Panda pays for itself in a short time as they acquire a low cost!


Garatren Panda meets you with launch prices. He returned shortly with the cost benefits to the operator.

You can use Panda Garatren uncharged day!


Garatren Panda depending on the operating conditions with strong technical infrastructure without the need to charge about 10 hours provides opportunities for you to use the product.

Garatren Panda It is extremely safe in all sizes!


Garatren Panda happy with the investment turns into a full security provided by its users. Paint the battery on until the seat belt emergency stop choice for your stay in all security matters.

Garatren Panda It offers 2 years warranty!


Garatren Panda products under manufacturer's warranty is for a period of 2 years from all over Turkey and service solutions within 24 hours.

Garatren Panda bring the operator with the advertising face smile!

Garatren Panda can be worn as a complete product or promotional purposes. Operators located on the frame behind our Panda ad may receive additional revenues from ads.

Garatren Panda with its powerful sound system is remarkable!


Garatren Panda selected an advertising jingle, custom music, or music for a list of output power allows you to play under your control.

Garatren Panda can be used on different floors!


Garatren Panda without a rail or similar elements that need to be laid in advance frees you on your route. To be able to serve you in all kinds of floors with rubber hardware capabilities are available.